Usable fabrics

 For the production of products of trademarks VALEROSSO, MAN WAY and CITY LIFE used costume fabrics, which are classified by the following features:

  1. composition,

  2. design (image),

  3. color range.

According to the composition used costume fabrics containing natural (wool, silk, cotton), artificial (viscose) and synthetic fibers (polyester, polyamide). For the production of high-priced goods premium class (TM VALEROSSO) woolen fabric of high numbers «Super 100’s» — «Super 150’s» are used. The number in this notation indicates how many kilometers of yarn can be pulled out from 1 kg of wool. The higher the number, the finer the fabric.

In the case of notation «Super 100», «Super 150″ and so on — the number of indicates the thread thickness in microns, and the higher the number, the finer the thread, and the stronger the fabric. It is also used wool blend fabric with silk, lycra.

For the production of a business class goods (trademarks MAN WAY, CITY LIFE) fabrics containing natural (wool, cotton), artificial (viscose) and synthetic (polyester) fibers are used.

     According to the design for the production of men’s classic suits, jackets and trousers self-colored fabrics (all-over colored) and with pattern (stripe and quadrille) are used. Fabric pattern can be clearly expressed (by contrasting threads in interweaving), not clearly expressed («optical», that is, due to the complex interweaving of the same color) and complex (a combination of «optical» pattern and contrasting threads in the interweaving).

     The color range of fabrics used for the production of the classic men’s suit, is standard:

The season «Autumn-Winter» — gray («salt and pepper», «slate», «wet asphalt», «sea foam»), black, blue (dark blue, anthracite, Parliament, blue steel).

Season «Spring-Summer» — bright shades of gray, beige, natural shades of sand and tone.